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Uniform Construction Cost Accounting

Uniform Construction Cost Accounting

Kernville Union School District has elected to be subject to California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act ("CUPCCAA").


This program allows local agengies to perform public projects up $45,000 with their own workforces ("Force Account" ) or by negotiated contract.  Provides for alternative ('informal") bidding procedures when an agency performs public projects up to $175,000. The agency must follow specific accounting procedures.


All interested vendors are invited to request their company be added to the approved list of vendors. This list is updated annually in November & December. Vendors maybe added at anytime with the completion of the Vendor Request Form. A Link to the Venodr Request Form is below.


Please contact Nikolle Evans at (760) 379-3651 Ext# 420 with any questions.


California Uniform Public Costruction Cost Accounting

State Controller’s Office ​​​​​​​